Client : Manufacturer and distributor of electronic components

Goal : Faster, informed decision-making with timely, accurate data


  • The organization with oversight of more than $200 million in sales operated with limited visibility into sales performance vs. goals, its customers, and expected demand for its wide product line.
  • The lack of centralized data resulted in extensive time spent on data consolidation, cleaning, and report generation.
  • Lack of insights into the operations resulted in delayed decision-making and loss of business.


  • Integrated ERP systems and Infor. Designed and built a data warehouse that serves as a central repository.
  • Designed and executed sales analytics dashboards providing insights into the organization’s operations.
  • Implemented a customer demand forecast model to better manage the inventory.

Enabled a 30+ sales team with sales analytics insights

Saved more than $30K/month by eliminating manual reporting

Faster decisions with full visibility into sales performance, pipeline, and customer demand

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