Industry : Manufacturing

Technologies : AWS Glue, Python, Amazon Redshift, AWS Lambda and Step functions, Amazon S3, Microsoft Power BI, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Omega, Sybase, Microsoft Excel.

Stakeholders : CIO, CTO, Business users from multiple departments

Solutions provided : Modern data warehouse, data governance model, data quality, data security, Business Intelligence dashboards


  • Dependence on SAP for visualization and dashboards posed several challenges for the business user community, hindering their productivity and data utilization.
  • Business users experienced delays in dashboard creation due to reliance on the IT department and manual processes.
  • Complex visualizations provided an unintuitive user experience, making data interpretation difficult.
  • Business users struggled with the technical terminology used in SAP modules, hampering their ability to leverage data effectively.
  • Aggregating data from multiple global sources and departments raised concerns about data quality and security.


  • Integrated data from various sources including SAP, Sybase (backend database), Salesforce, Omega, Oracle, and flat files.
  • Cleaned and transformed data according to business rules.
  • Implemented robust data quality rules to validate and ensure accuracy of the cleaned data.
  • Stored data in a well-architected data warehouse with Amazon S3.
  • Implemented robust security measures adhering to industry best practices to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the company’s data.
  • Designed business intelligence dashboards using Power BI to provide deep insights into the data.

Significant Time Savings

Accelerated Decision Making

Cost Savings for IT

Greater Data Confidence

QX Impact is a data analytics solutions provider with real-world experience in developing and implementing data strategy and AI-powered solutions that transform business operations, drive organic growth, and enable businesses to gain a competitive advantage. As a thought leader in data analytics, including data ingestion, data lake implementation, ETL/ELT and data warehousing, analytics, and machine learning models, QX delivers end-to-end cost-effective data solutions.

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